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Thursday, 10 March 2011

Trade currency options on your ICTS Forex Account

GCI now offers online currency option trading from the ICTS Forex trading platform. Buying options provides customers unlimited upside from movements in currencies with limited risk.
Just right click on the instrument rate (on either the SELL or BUY price), and select "Buy Option":

You will then see the "Buy Option" dialog box which allows you to specify the Strike, Expiry, Amount, and whether you wish to buy a Call or Put. You can also change the underlying instrument if you wish:

You can sell your option at the current market at anytime, or let it expire. If it expires in-the-money, your account will be credited the corresponding amount. All option trades (Buying and selling to close) are executed automatically with no dealer intervention.

Submit the form below to practice options trading now!

The information you submit will remain confidential. Under no circumstances will this information be sold or distributed to other parties.
The Forex system is a relatively easy one to understand at its basic level but it can also be as intricate as you can possibly imagine. What the system actually is, is a way of trading currency from various parts of the world.

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